Renegade Racing

Do you know who the renegades are? In our case, these are not criminals or terrible traitors, but just those who don’t like the laws that reign around and prohibit taking risks for the sake of an extraordinary drive that boils blood! You will find yourself in the world of the most extravagant racers who arrange breathtaking races on their fully charged sports cars! They have no equal, and that is why they all gathered here. You are also considered an excellent racer, but only, do you have the strength and patience to compete in races with such crazy guys, or is your gut thin to put your life on anyone? If you are ready to fight in the most daring competition, you are confident in your car and you know for sure that you have no equal on the road, then you came to the right place! Otherwise, you better turn around and run right away until our renegades of the roads notice you, because they do not like strangers in their possessions!

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