Plazma Burst 2

On a distant planet that is hiding in the bowels of a neighboring galaxy, a very wayward people lives. And let this locality be our colony for many centuries, and to this day riots continue to flare up on the planet. The rebels every time try in subtle sophisticated ways to win their own freedom. But until recently, all the rebellious rebellions were very easily suppressed by the local army, but now things are much worse: the rebel detachment has more and more dissatisfied with the current government, which means that the atmosphere of the impending battle is inevitable! You were sent to the very thick of events for the total mopping up of the dissatisfied. This is an extremely difficult mission: you have to walk along the perimeter of the planet with fire and a sword, without exposing the enemy’s back for a retaliatory strike! Cleanse the entire planet from the rebels, once and for all suppressing any desire to express dissatisfaction with earthly power! Only you are capable of fast and quiet movement, deadly and silent!

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