Pirates and Cannons

If you have a small rebel inside, then you probably want to become a thunderstorm for all sailors, a real pirate. For this you will have several ships. But you are a real robber, so you just need to remove all enemies from your path. There is a cannon on the pirate ship, and what kind. She will help you conquer the sea. Arrange your ships in Pirates and Cannons using a specific strategy. After all, it is important for you that your ships remain intact by the rival. Now you can start a naval battle. There are many battles and dangers, gains and losses ahead, but your instincts will not let you down. You will be the first to kill all the ships of your blood enemy by throwing cannons at them, launching rockets and bombs. The red cross marks on the map that place where your charge released by the main ship should fall. Before starting the game, Pirates and Guns, do not forget to put two mines, and if you are lucky, the enemy will be blown up by them. It is unlikely that you had to play such a colorful naval battle, and even with such helpers. You will have only one chance to launch a submarine that can explore a small part of the map under water. So you will understand whether it is worth spending your bombs on it. After all, the point is not even in their quantity, but in the fact that after a little delay, your opponent will blow up your ships before you. The Pirates and Guns game offers you three difficulty levels, the difference of which is the scale of the maps and the number of ships taking part in the robber pirate skirmish. If you are tired of shooting at one charge, then boldly launch a serial shot, or a missile, which will also capture more than one square on the map. This can seriously affect the outcome of the game, because the faster you discover all the secrets of the enemy and find his ships on the map, the brighter you will be the winner of the game.

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