Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!

Daddy Louis falls asleep and wakes up with one single thought – to open his own pizzeria. But such a serious business requires large financial costs, and with Louis money is very problematic, from which, in fact, he works constantly to earn an extra penny. Today, when the open day is announced in the pizzeria, there are a lot of people gathered at the counter, and everyone wants to get their portion of fragrant pizza. And everything was, as usual, until a strange type approached the cook’s counter with an order, who paid for his pizza with a very unusual coin. As soon as the guys decided to take a closer look at the strange money, a portal leading to the unknown opened right in the pizzeria. Perhaps this is a world where money is falling right from heaven, so why not try our hand at this business, we’ll be extremely lucky, and then we can buy this pizzeria for ourselves, as we had long dreamed of!

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