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Tank War 2011

Classic tanks are waiting for you, the war of tanks continues and you have to defend the headquarters from blue opponents. You can easily distinguish your car, it is bright red. Do not stay motionless, move around, find enemies and destroy them so as not to get into the environment. Use the brick walls for shelters, if they interfere with you, shoot them without regret. Movement – arrows, shooting – J….

SD Robo Battle Arena

The robot competition begins, nine robots with different abilities and skills take part in the competition, choose from the existing ones, if you can win, you will have access to new fighters. Use the arrows to move, the attack – a space, a two-player game and a group game are possible. Skillfully apply the skills of robots, look for weaknesses of the enemy to quickly win….

DC Superhero Girls: Hawkgirl Dress-Up

Superheroine Hawkgirl, the real name of the girl Shayer, went a long way before becoming a superhero. The girl with red eyes and powerful wings is the embodiment of kindness and love. She is implacable to enemies and adores her husband and beloved Carter, for her sake she is capable of anything. You will pick up this gorgeous superhero costume for this beauty, the old one got frayed and became unusable after the battle with Bit….

Ben10 Fight

Ben 10, armed with his own fists and hand-to-hand combat skills, goes on an adventure quest. You, in the role of bully and extreme Benny, need to prove that he deserves his reputation. Defeat all the monsters and bandits in your path, but remember that Ben 10 is not immortal and at any moment he can also pile on him. Go through the levels, use the keyboard to control and get Ben to be considered a champion….

Pickle Monster Machines

The miniature little car, Cucumber, is a little stupid, which is probably why he is friends with the competitor Vpysha Krushila. But he is handsome, and it’s hard to get angry at them. Solve puzzles in puzzle or tag mode. Choose any of the four modes and follow the time to collect the picture. Drag the fragments with the mouse and connect them with jagged edges that are ideally suited to each other….

Princess Fashion Bloggers Rivals

Disney princesses love to compete, participating in beauty contests, but in the age of the Internet, competitions moved and the Network and the beauties decided to use new technologies to find out who is the most fashionable. With your help, Rapunzel and Ariel will post pictures with your image in stylish outfits into the virtual space, and visitors will like them. Dress the princesses and wait for the results, in the competition three rounds….