Minecraft: Whack a craft

Life in the province is hard, daily worries about your own housing, its improvement, as well as obtaining food and all possible resources to expand your territory – all this, and much more – this is what occupies the whole mind of our hero, in whose skin you Today you have to stay for quite a long time! in the morning, when the sun has just shown its first rays over the horizon, you will have to go to the miracle field, where various useful resources will fly out of the magic holes in the ground, which you can collect if you have enough accuracy to right on target to send your shell. There you will be given the opportunity to get some food, without which, as you know, not a single living creature can hold out for long. As soon as you have enough resources and food, you can return to your settlement to equip your home and prepare a hearty dinner that will restore your strength spent on a good deed!

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