Minecraft: Killers on Blocks

After numerous wars, countless disasters, life on the planet became impossible. The ozone layer of the Earth is dotted with huge holes, which threatens even greater climatic anomalies for. But astrophysicists have discovered a planet in a neighboring galaxy that is very reminiscent of our climate. But just before moving the entire population there, it is necessary to check if there is any threat to the quiet existence of a person. With this mission, you and your partner were sent to a distant planet, because you did not find the best specialists in such an unusual field. When the spaceship safely overcame all space barriers and landed on a green surface, you carefully stepped out, you must be on the alert, because hostile life forms are possible here. If you notice those, then they are, by order of NASA, subject to total destruction. Mankind has no chance to survive on their home planet, so everyone has great hopes for success in your difficult enterprise!

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