Kingdom Rush

Yesterday you were an ordinary inhabitant of the Earth, but this mysterious night changed the whole situation radically! At first it just seemed to you that your dream about magical lands was just a figment of your imagination, but soon you realized that it was in such a place that you found yourself. Moreover, according to the enthusiastic exclamations of the crowd that gathered around you, you realized that you are now the sovereign of this kingdom. Well, where ours didn’t disappear, it means that we will develop our country – this is all more interesting than vegetation in our room behind a computer monitor. But managing a whole country turned out to be not such an easy task as you dreamed of it – every day you have to decide the fate of your subordinates, build and improve various buildings in order to increase income and production, because the population is also growing every day! And it would also be nice to throw most of your strength into an excellent army, because in the neighborhood of your lands are the abodes of orcs who cannot live without attacking defenseless people!

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