Welcome to the world of Blacksmith Jack, where a sharp blade reigns everywhere, without which it is simply impossible to survive a valiant warrior against a whole horde of terrible monsters, of which a huge number have recently divorced! During teleportation to this world, you turned into a powerful war donkey, who decided to transfer his knowledge and skills to a new generation of warriors that will enter a decisive battle against the forces of darkness. You and your faithful partner have equipped a mobile cart-shop with everything necessary for forging excellent swords, where local warriors who lost their weapons during battles with representatives of the world of disgusting monsters turn to for help! in the blink of an eye you manage to create the most amazing blades that can cut and shred the stiff flesh of the terrifying creatures of hell. Well, and the next batch of materials necessary for this good deed will be waiting for you together with the next victory over the monster of your mighty warriors, so do not miss this moment!

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