iPlayer: World of Paladins

Multiplayer game The world of paladins.
If you know how to handle the sword, want to master the science of magic, do not be afraid to meet with monsters and otherworldly representatives, the world of paladins opens doors for you. You find yourself in a country that is tired of fighting the Demons of the Abyss, but it has no other choice. The world of Rael is mired in constant battles, and even it’s hard to rely on the allies, because strife has begun in their ranks.
The city of Vapas was built over the fault into the Abyss many centuries ago, and terrible creatures constantly appear from it. There have been too many of them lately, and I had to call for the help of new brave men who were ready to join the paladin order.
World of Paladins pleasantly surprises with the colorful locations and the voluminous graphics, which allows players to see the environment and characters from all sides. An attractive picture complements the original plot, in which there are many options for the development of the script, and you yourself decide which way to go.
Together with the character, you develop and mature. Initially, he is an inexperienced squire, ready to take on any task, but soon he will be transformed into a brave warrior, whom the most ferocious demons of the Abyss fear. To make this metamorphosis possible, you just need to play the game Paladin World and you will have access to:
• A variety of battles with players and the environment
• Participation in adventure campaigns
• Passing quests
• Finding a way out of the labyrinths
• Leveling up the equipment
• Improving personal qualities
• Communication with other participants
• Campaigns against the world boss
Gaining fame.
В The world of the Paladins has already begun to play online thousands of gamers, creating alliances, completing missions, making their name legendary. When they had a minimum of abilities, and the equipment was not reliable, they did not hide behind other people’s backs on hikes, and significantly improved all their characteristics. Taking an example from them, earn every new increase in performance, and the most powerful demons will tremble before you.
Explore the mazes in search of artifacts to use their power at a critical moment. Explore all parts of the map and fight monsters to take unique objects from them.
Quests are another important way to develop, as well as direct the chain of events in a new direction. This occurs while communicating with the residents of Rael. Everyone desires something, and only you decide what to answer. Sometimes there is a difficult choice of what to do: accept a bribe or observe the honor of a paladin, a punishment

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