iPlayer: UnitedGP

If you are an amateur or a professional in racing simulations, then meet the new virtual manager of Formula 1. You will act as the owner of the racing team, everything will depend on you from research, to tuning the car and hiring staff. Go league after league, compete with real players around the world and build up your professionalism. From the very beginning of the game you will find a unique training that will allow you to understand the controls in the garage, as well as on the track.

Racing is the most basic part of the game, where you can show your achievements in car mechanics. Arrivals consist of several stages, preparation, qualification and the race itself. In preparation, you can customize your car at your discretion using data from weather, tracks and other parameters. Replace wheels, wings, choose pit stop tactics and crew efficiency. After all, it depends on how quickly you replace the worn parts if you have to call in a pit stop.

Online games United GP – has excellent graphics, many different settings that even the most fastidious player will like. You will be able to research new parts yourself and arrange their production. Create the fastest cars, compete with other players, overtake them and climb the world pedestal with gold cups in your hands.

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