iPlayer: Indy Cat

The online game Indie Cat is a three-in-one game version, and the main character is a saffron cat, who goes on a trip to different countries in search of the Tangle of Fate and other equally interesting artifacts. With him you will visit Ancient Greece, France, Italy, Holland, the North Pole, Asia and other colorful places, collecting colorful elements on the field, collecting stars and earning game currency – bows.
Indie Cat can be played right after a quick register or login through your social network. Here you will meet enthusiastic process of passing players. They will share their experience and suggest ways for effective passage, as well as share hearts if you have used up yours.
Only five hearts are the life of a cat. They disappear one at a time if you lose a round. It will take three days to recover, during which tasks will be completed. But to skip this stage, real money will help, for which you can buy new hearts, or purchase them for bows, if you have enough of them.
At each level of iPlayer Indy Cat you need to earn three stars, and only then move on. Such useful artifacts will gradually appear: Whip, Extra Lives, Color Bomb, Tangle, Magic Cat’s Foot, Coins, Undo, Crystallization and Freeze Time. Each artifact has its own characteristics and helps to overcome especially difficult situations of the game process. Using a specific element, you must wait for its recovery. Use them only when there really is such a need in order to save for decisive moments.
It may happen that the objects on the field line up unfavorably and you cannot make another move. The most effective way is to replay the level, and for this you just need to refresh the page. Now it’s time to start the game, where there are many more interesting events.

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