Hungry Frog

The frog frog lives in the suburbs of a huge metropolis on the banks of the pond. Our hero is very cheerful and cheerful, and he also likes to eat a lot and tasty. Like when a strong thunderstorm began, our hero climbed ashore from a pond and sat in an ambush. His goal is flies that appeared as soon as it started to rain. He will catch and eat them, thereby satisfying his hunger. And we will help him in his hunt in the Hungry Frog game. He will sit near the electric pole and use his tongue to catch midges. He will accurately shoot them and stuff the caught midge into his mouth. But not so simple. After all, it is raining and electric discharges run across the column. So you need to look carefully and not fall under the discharge of electric current. Indeed, if our hero is struck by an electric shock, he will instantly die. He will also have to jump around the post changing his location. After all, midges fly around him. So jump carefully. As soon as you destroy the whole flock, you will pass the level and find yourself in a new location.
The game Hungry Frog is quite interesting and exciting. She has beautiful graphics and a rather original and fun plot. By opening Hungry Frog on our website you will have a great time helping the frog satisfy his hunger.

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