Home Sheep Home 2: Lost underground

Three charming sheep have finished their next adventure and are returning to their native farm. Everyone is already accustomed to their constant sorties into new lands, because this restless trinity just can not sit in the pen for a long time! But the most interesting thing in this company is how they distribute duties among themselves: each sheep is fundamentally different from its friends in complexion, which, in fact, they use, because there are situations where a big fat sheep can do much more than her little friend, but at the same time, the little girl herself has her own benefit where a heavier or bigger neighbor cannot pass! So the guys prepared for all occasions and now they are not afraid of any obstacles on the way to their goal, but for greater confidence in success, this honest company of a wise shepherd leader, who would put their irrepressible energy in the right direction, with a firm hand. Maybe you can take on this important role?

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