Goodgame Empire: World War 3

The Trade and Mining Federation is negotiating the supply of minerals. This is a very profitable transaction and in order for them to end on a positive note, it is imperative to provide prototypes from the surface of the first layer of the earth directly to the conference. The beautiful girl Eva is your personal assistant, designed to bring you up to date and help you establish the work of the mechanical structures you built in the mining area. Go with a guide to the quarry, where hardworking miners are waiting for your orders and are ready to fulfill any instructions of their director. Before you begin the total development of a wild plot of land, you must carefully select the area where you will develop rapid construction activity and build a face to produce valuable silicate materials. A melting furnace made of refractory material should be equipped with the latest scientific and technological progress near the pit, so it will be most practical to send the extracted raw materials to the base. To start the operation of the blast furnace, it is necessary to organize convenient delivery of natural resources. Look for a suitable place near the adit and start building other industrial buildings. All your major buildings and powerful units will work successfully and without stopping, if you do not forget to install solar panels. Energy panels can be arranged around the circumference of the territory and then the energy generated by them will replenish all Goodgame Empire: World War 3 industrial enterprises. Once you build a town, you will be ready to perform basic tasks, thanks to which you can develop your own production at a cost-effective level. Six daily tasks will bring you great bonuses, due to which it is desirable to upgrade plants and maximize their performance. Capacity building is best started with a quarry in which ore is mined. The higher the level of the quarry, the more fossils you collect in the minimum operating time of excavator robots. The missions of the almighty alliance will open up many ways for you to merge the leading trade confederations, one of which is your unique intergalactic corporation called Goodgame Empire: World War 3.

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