Fruita Swipe 2

Today we present to you the second part of the exciting game Fruita Swipe 2. Remember the story of our farmer who was engaged in the cultivation of various fruits and vegetables? Over time, our hero earned a lot of money and bought a new piece of land. For some time he conducted preparatory work with her. Cleared of weeds, delivered fertilizers – in general, did everything so that the earth would become as fertile as possible. Then he planted fruit on it, and now it’s time to harvest a new crop. We will help him with this. Before us on the screen there will be a playing field broken into cells in which there are a variety of fruits. To remove them from the field, we need to connect them with the mouse line. We can connect not only horizontally and vertically, but also diagonally. So carefully examine the location of the objects and make your move, as soon as you perform these actions, the objects interconnected will disappear, and they will give you points for it. So, step by step, you will clear the field of fruits. The level will be held when you score a certain number of points. Do not forget that there is a time limit, so try to manage to do everything before the time ends.
The game Fruita Swipe 2 has a rather interesting game scenario. Players of any age will be able to spend their time with interest trying to complete this puzzle game. So open Fruita Swipe 2 online on our website and play for fun.

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