Football Tricks

To learn how to play football well, you need to train well and it is better to do it against an experienced opponent. Football Tricks will give you this opportunity. In it you will have to choose your team, which will consist of one player. Having gone out with him on the field, you will find yourself in front of the football goal, which you will need to hit with the ball. But do not think that it will be very easy to do. After all, footballers and rival teams will impede you by exposing their walls. And some teams will go even further and will build various obstacles from wooden boxes and bricks. And you will need to choose such a flight path so that the ball ends up in the target range. For each team in the game Football Tricks you will be allocated several goals, so you need to choose the direction of the strike with special care. Passing one team after another, each time you will meet a more cunning opponent, who will make even more efforts so that you can not hit their gates. And you will have to work very hard so that your footballer starts to enjoy another goal scoring. To play the game Football tricks can be a person of any age, because to control you need only a mouse, with the help of which the trajectory of the ball will be set. To set it, you need to hold down the left mouse button and stretch it towards the opponent’s goal, choosing the angle of the ball and the force of the blow. If you miss, then you will still have the opportunity to correct your mistake by using reserve balls.

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