Fishing Duels

Game Fishing Duels: competition for fishermen
Combining different genres and trends, you can get an excellent cocktail in one product. The browser game Fishing Duels is a very successful project, which connected three-in-one with a popular fishing theme, and the game process itself proceeds step by step.
To engage in a duel with another gamer, entrust the choice to the system and it will automatically select you rival. But there is another way – if you have a specific person in mind with whom you have long wanted to settle accounts, find his name in the friends menu and send the code along with the request for a duel.
A toy for collecting chains from objects that has never been familiar to everyone has never been so exciting. This gives it originality, and you can play Fishing Duels using other advantages of the fun.
It’s very important to see the location of objects on the site in time and use it for your own purposes, because the next move will be given to the enemy, and he definitely will not miss the chance to use the perfect combination.
Surely you remember that the minimum number of elements that are available for action is three, but the more they are involved in the chain, the more points you earn, and they turn into the currency for which you buy useful details for further play.
Make bets
To play the game Fishing Duels, each participant in the duel must make his own bet. To do this, use chips that are earned by winning moves and daily entry into the toy.
Beginners are given 200 chips, and the minimum that they can bet at a time is 10 chips. They will be consumed quickly, and therefore we must constantly take care of replenishing our stocks. This can only be achieved by a skillful, thoughtful game. The higher the bet, the more generous the gain, however, there is always the risk of losing everything.
How to get into the game? – nowhere easier. You need to fill out forms with a name, password and email address, and when Fishing Duels registration is behind, you can begin exploring the game space. There is also another way – to enter through a social network, which looks even more simple and quick option.
Features of the game
Once on the ocean floor, you need to catch more fish. But look around – there are other things that are very useful:
• Spinning rings
• Floats
• Saddles
• Landing hooks
• Hooks
• Delicious worms
Having such a diverse arsenal at his disposal

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