Fireboy and Watergirl 3: The Ice Temple

A new part of the game already loved by many. Let’s spend hours with benefit in the company of our heroes: a fiery boy and a water girl. They constantly go hand in hand, this must be remembered by the players who control them. To solve all the problems, you need a friend’s shoulder, so do not separate the characters. They need to get to the exit in the basement and leave it.
An interesting game in its style and genre, every player will like it. You will control two elements – it is fire and water. Call a friend, or try it alone, but you will need to play as a team, helping each other at each level. Collect all the diamonds that are placed on the map and you will succeed. To control, use the following keys: A, W, D – to move with water; keyboard arrows – to move by fire. We wish you success.

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