Fart king Bros

The central characters of the game are two brothers from the tribe. Scouring the area around their camp, they discovered that someone had scattered holy totems in pieces. And now you have to return all the details to their place. You can get the help of a friend in this matter, because you can play in two-player mode.
In ancient times, the Aboriginal tribe loved potatoes very much, because it gave them super strength. And then one day their sacred totem was stolen from the tribe. To return him, two young hunters were sent to the right place. To collect all parts of the totem, control both aborigines together. Also, the game implies the possibility for two users to play simultaneously.
Two brothers served with the leader of the tribe. They guarded the shrines. Their tribe had a key for the oracles, deities lived in it. It so happened that once they fell asleep at a post and people from another tribe stole these gods. But our brothers woke up in time and set off in pursuit of them. Those in the process of running lost the gods. Now the brothers need to find all the gods and return them to their rightful place.
A couple of natives brothers, the leader of the tribe set the task – to collect all the artifacts and place them on the altar of the totem to activate it. The totem is needed so that the shaman with his help causes the rain, which is so needed on dry fields.
Move the natives with arrows and ASDW keys.

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