Earn to Die. Part 1

The death of the earth came unnoticed, in the stillness of the night while all the people peacefully slept in their warm and comfortable beds. Hordes of zombies who quickly replenished their troops with new fighters captured our planet, for at the slightest bite of these evil creatures, ordinary people were immediately exposed to the deadly virus that destroyed the flesh, leaving the only need in the brain – a thirst for blood and fresh meat! But our story will not be about terrible mutations that have been happening everywhere for weeks now, but about a brave young man who was at the very epicenter of this large-scale anomaly. But our bastard was in no hurry to part with his precious life – he found an excellent way out of a seemingly deadly trap. But the hero needs your help to bring his idea to the end, so the most interesting is waiting for you ahead! After death, the dead no longer need cars, so why not take this great opportunity to get out of the ring of the dead environment?

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