Earn to Die 2012. Part 2

The desert yesterday seemed to you an uninhabited place where all living things are not able to withstand the hellish climate. And you were right – nothing living here already existed, which cannot be said of terrible zombies, who are neither hot nor cold, who, not knowing tired, can overcome great distances with one goal – to get to fresh meat. The dead apocalypse has taken over our land, turning it into the abode of dead souls, where the living dead rule, every second replenishing their army with new warriors of darkness. You managed to break away from the chase and hide in some abandoned barn, where everyone had forgotten an old truck. Here you have an excellent knowledge of technology: it quickly found the cause of a vehicle breakdown, you eliminated it, having the opportunity to disappear from a place occupied by zombies. Now beware of decaying monsters, a brave hero will rush through your heads with a breeze, that he will certainly be able to escape into the free lands of Alaska, to which not a single carrion is able to get!

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