Earn to die 2012

After you managed to destroy the hordes of the dead that have already captured almost all the territories on the planet, the fame of your exploits is universally transmitted. You have become a real savior for many survivors, therefore all have only their hopes for saving mankind from this plague. Now you are left in a small garage to finish the next upgrade to your truck, which has become your family for all this time, but something seemed to push you by the hand – this means that there was a smell of mortal danger nearby, because instincts never let you down. It’s time to hurry, perhaps you will be able to prevent something terrible – apparently, the zombies again gathered in a flock to attack defenseless people, which means it’s time to again show these monsters who are actually the owners of these lands! The gas pedal all the way to the floor, and rush at full speed to smear rotting brains throughout the desert – this is your destiny, your fate and your life’s journey!

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