Desktop racing 2

When the work is already tired, worse than the bitter radish, and the boss is just very busy with something, the time comes for a little rest and competition between the office staff. It was for this purpose that table races were created in which you have to run the small machine as far as possible on the table, and also help it overcome all the obstacles on the way to the finish line, such as book and magazine piles, rulers, and stapled paper clips everywhere! There can be only one winner in this tournament, and each of the employees of your company wants to take this place of honor, but you are sure of your victory and are ready to put on everything you have, because your little racing car is capable of real miracles under your sensitive guidance! Drive, masterfully jump over the obstacles that arise on the way, create your own new tracks where opponents will not be able to overtake you, this will be your race, your battle for the main cup!

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