Create your Smeshariki

Are you interested in trying yourself in a completely new role for you – the role of the animator? This is a very exciting activity, because a completely new image of the hero will appear at your fingertips, which will have many interesting meetings and adventures! Turn your irrepressible imagination into a real art that will give a lot of positive emotions not only to you, but also to your friends and relatives, who later can show the result of your efforts. Of course, you remember everyone’s favorite animated series about the charming team of Smeshariks, we at our studio suggest you create a completely new character that will replenish this friendly company! you have to completely immerse yourself in this charming round world and with the help of our preparations and your idea to draw the one who will be a new member of this world! Open your own door to the fabulous world of animation, where the characters come to life literally before your eyes!

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