Category: Strategy

The Zombie Food Truck

A small van appeared in the quarter and smelled of freshly prepared hamburgers. The people reached for the open window and did not immediately notice that it was being served by a real zombie. But the burgers were so tasty that everyone decided not to notice the strange seller, although the residents periodically began to disappear. We invite you to the game The Zombie Food Truck, where you will help the zombies – the owner of the food truck to safely develop and expand their business. Cheat customers, if you see that the energy scale is empty, invite the selected customer to the pantry and quietly eat it, carefully removing the consequences. Earn coins and buy additional equipment.

Phineas and Ferb: Backyard Defence

Phineas and Ferb live a carefree life in their cozy little house. But the trouble was attacked by hordes of various monsters that penetrate the houses and rob them. Our friends were not at a loss and in their workshop built an amazing weapon that could destroy hundreds of enemies. After that, they installed these guns on the roof of the house and began to wait for the appearance of enemies. You and I will help Phineas and Ferb: Backyard Defense help them keep their defenses at home. Before you on the screen the back yard of their house will be visible. Enemies will run through it. You need to wait until the weapon takes its charge and shoot at the enemy. So you will destroy them.

Games in the style of Agario continue to storm the Internet, we present you the game The key to victory for your round character is the right strategy and tactics. Collect small multi-colored peas, this will contribute to the growth of the cell, but at the same time it will become less mobile. You can divide it into small circles to speed up the collection process. Absorb smaller rivals, if you see a large green cage with spikes, think about it. It will quickly add mass, but will tear the hero apart, and small balls can quickly burst opponents snooping around. In any case, you need to grow the largest cage to win.

About those who lead a gray monotonous life and do not reveal special talents, they say that they do not grab stars from heaven. We suggest you not to remain a gray mouse, but to take everything from life. In our game you will get the opportunity to collect stars as much as dexterity and dexterity allow you. Tough competition is expected on the field, you need to act decisively and aggressively if you want to break into the front ranks of the TOP. Give the character a name and send him to a star hunt. Choose the appropriate tactics for scoring, and there may be only two. You can simply collect stars or get involved in fights, trying to bump into the enemy and trample him.

War of Iron

An invasion of the armed forces of a neighboring state has begun in your country. It so happened that your military base was the first to be hit. You in the game War of Iron will command its defense. While the enemy troops are moving towards you, you will have time to build defenses in certain places. Each building will build play money. As soon as you place the defenses, the enemy troops will approach and the battle will begin. If you did everything strategically correctly, then your soldiers will be able to destroy the enemy. For this they will give you points and on them you will be able to upgrade your defensive buildings.

Dark Nova Early Access

Introducing the new Dark Nova Early Access team shooter. Events take place in deep space. Name the ship and join the blue or red team. The battle is being fought for mastering a very valuable crystal with unlimited power and capabilities. Whoever becomes its master will gain the universe. Battles occur in rounds. If you join the game in the middle of the process, you will remain a spectator until it is completed. But you have nothing to worry about. Rounds are short enough and you can join the team and get the first stone. By pressing the Y key, you can go to the shopping department and purchase a brand new, more powerful and maneuverable ship to successfully confront the enemy.