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Super stickman golf

Stickman invites you to play golf in Super stickman golf, do not give up this opportunity. Driving a golfer, you will pass ten fields, throwing a ball into a hole. At first, the relief will seem simple to you, and the task is simple, but moving through the levels, you will feel how they gradually become more complicated. The terrain becomes hilly and getting a ball from one time is becoming increasingly difficult. Try to earn three gold stars and score maximum points. And this will happen only with a well-aimed hit and a minimum of shots. After each successful hit, a table of your indicators will appear in front of you.

Pro Gym

In today’s world, a lot of people suffer from excess weight. Therefore, almost every city has gyms where you can work out and qualified trainers will help you. Today in the game Pro Gym you will play for such a coach. Young people will come to you and you will need to help lose weight. To get started, you will need to paint them the right diet. This can be done using a special panel. Then you will do their training. To do this, special sports equipment is installed in the hall and you will need to assign exercises for your wards.

Horse Ride Racing 3D

Tom works as a jockey and participates daily in various competitions held at the hippodrome. And today in the Horse Ride Racing 3D game, he and his horse will participate in sports in obstacle racing. Well, we will help him with this. We will ride on a horse together with the opponents on the starting line. At the signal, you will gallop on your horse along the highway. Barriers will be installed on it, which you will need to jump on horseback. The one who comes to the finish line wins the race.

Trick Hoops Puzzle Edition

There is no doubt that in order to achieve records in sports, you need to train hard for a long time. This is known to all athletes and our hero in the game Trick Hoops Puzzle Edition is also up to date. Therefore, he is ready to spend most of the day on the court, honing his skills in throws on the ring. So that training did not turn into a routine and did not become monotonous, the character turned ordinary throws into a puzzle and then he needed your help. In front of the basket and behind it there are various obstacles in the form of wooden boxes, chipped with metal, some have sharp thorns. The number of shots is limited, if the ball hits the tip, you will lose the attempt.

Beach Edition: Street Shot

Summer is a wonderful season, when most people take a vacation and go to the sea to relax. After all, what could be better than lying on a sun lounger by the sea and sunbathing. In order to somehow diversify the time of vacationers at the resort, the administration holds various contests and sports for lovers. Today in Beach Edition: Street Shot, they decided to hold a basketball competition. This is a very exciting sports game and it has many fans, so many vacationers will be happy to take part in it, including you. To win the competition you need to go through all the rounds of the competition. Go to the court and pick up a basketball. At its other end will be a basketball hoop. Your task is to throw a ball at him. For each hit you will be given points. Having typed a certain number of them, you will go to the next round. To throw the ball into the ring you need to calculate the trajectory and the power of the throw. At the beginning you will be trained. They will show you with the arrow how to do this. But it will be only once. Then we will do all this ourselves. We are sure that thanks to your dexterity and attentiveness you will win this contest.
Beach Edition: Street Shot is quite interesting and has a cool story. Having opened Beach Edition: Street Shot on our website, all fans of sports games will have a great time.

3d Soccer Champions

For everyone who is fond of such a popular sport as football, we present a new exciting game 3d Soccer Champions. In it you can fight at the world championship in this sport against famous teams from different countries. Choosing a team you will find yourself on the football field with your rivals. The match will begin at the judge’s scroll. You will have to try to take possession of the ball and start an attack on the opponent’s goal. Giving passes to your players, you will approach them at a certain distance and take a hit. If your calculations are correct, the ball will fly into the opponent’s goal, and you will score a goal.