Category: Shooting

StarDust interceptor

Alien ships treacherously invaded our solar system. Their intentions are quite clear – the capture of the planets and the enslavement of the human race. Your ship in StarDust interceptor made a scheduled flight in the sector entrusted to it and stumbled upon suspicious flying objects. When approaching them, to get information about the team and the purpose of arrival, you were fired. Enemy starships fly in groups and attack suddenly. The guiding lines for finding them will be the red neon triangles. Follow their direction, and there you will find enemy scouts. Do not hesitate to shoot at them until you destroy them. In between chasing aliens, upgrade the ship and improve its technical parameters.

Omnitrix Attack

Boy Ben accidentally found an alien device Omnitrix and became the protector of the planet and earthlings. The device looks like a watch, but ten sets of DNA of different galactic races are hidden in it. It is enough to press a button and open the core of the omnitrix, and its owner takes the form of a chosen alien with his abilities and skills. Reincarnation can take a long time to complete the task. In Omnitrix Attack, Ben has to reincarnate periodically throughout the entire period of movement. The hero must destroy the evil aliens, constantly moving and constantly shooting. At the same time, do not forget to collect round gadgets.

Sniper Deja Vu

Every elite special forces unit has a sniper. This is a man who can destroy a criminal with one well-aimed shot. Quite often they are given the most difficult tasks. Today in the game Sniper Deja Vu we will play for such a person. The bandits captured a huge skyscraper along with the people who worked there in offices. Your task is to destroy the guards and other goals that you designate. To do this, pointing your rifle you will look into the scope. You need to combine a cross with the head of the enemy in order to hit him with one shot. Remember that you can bring the target closer to yourself to aim better. So you will hit your goals and go through the game.

Mini Tank Battle 2

When a military conflict breaks out between states, various machines are often used. These are tanks, armored personnel carriers and aircraft. Quite often, the presence of such equipment decides who will win the war. Today in the game Mini Tank Battle 2, we will plunge into the world of tank battles. You have to drive a modern tank and fight against enemy vehicles. Try to get close to them and shoot direct fire. Or maneuver, but then you will need to calculate the flight path of your projectile. The main thing is to hit an enemy tank. Also on the ground can be various boxes. They will be hidden weapons and ammunition. Collect boxes they will strengthen your firepower.

The Walking Stick 2

Here is the second part of the game Cane 2. In it, before us will be new maps and types of weapons. Again you have to confront the hordes of non-creatures. To destroy them, use all the means that you have. First it will be a two-shotgun. Carefully aim the enemy at the sight and try not to miss. The number of rounds you have is limited. There will be more monsters with each level. Good luck on the defensive.

Minecraft Tower Defense 2

The Deyns are an ancient people, mining and mining precious stones. The state neighboring them attacked them in order to seize power. You are the defense commander of one of the strongholds of defense. Show your intelligence and strategic thinking in organizing defense. Build structures, set traps on the way of the enemy, develop and improve your weapons and the enemy will be destroyed. Have a good game and pastime!