Category: Shooting

Reaper of the Undead

A small town in America was attacked by unknown hordes of zombies. You in the game Reaper of the Undead will play as a soldier of special forces, who were ordered to enter the city and destroy all the monsters. Our hero armed with various weapons will begin his journey through the dangerous streets of the city. Of course, hordes of monsters will attack him. Your task is to deftly avoid collisions with them and to shoot at zombies. Items will drop out of them. This can be ammunition, various weapons and first-aid kits to restore the standard of living. You will need to collect these items.

Spearmen Hunters

In Africa, we live a lot of Aboriginal tribes, which quite often quarrel among themselves. Since in those days there was no firearm, most wars took place using bows and spears. Today in Spearmen Hunters we will take part in several clashes between the tribes. Our hero will be armed with a spear and shield. Your task is to attack the enemy and throw a spear at him. If you aim well, hit and kill the enemy. Spears will also throw at you. You can block them with your shield. So be careful and do not let your hero die.

Seek and Destroy

The enemy hid, the streets of the city are empty, but the silence is deceiving and can be broken at any time. Raise the helicopter like a real pilot and take off to inspect the area. At the slightest suspicion, shoot or drop bombs. Your car in Seek and Destroy is equipped with modern offensive weapons: missiles, bombs, compact torpedoes that can destroy an entire enemy group at once. Control the arrow keys to fly, W / S – up / down, mouse or F – rocket launch, X – bomb drop, Z – height fixation. Cleverly manipulate the keys and a huge helicopter will obey your control. You don’t even need a license.

Planet Of The Snowmen prototype

Mankind has treated its planet badly and the time has come when it was required to look for a replacement for it. Spaceships flew in all directions of the galaxy to find a habitable planet. The endless universe turned out to be poor in decent places of residence, but our hero was lucky, he immediately found a suitable place of residence for earthlings. The climate on it is a little colder than on Earth, but quite acceptable. The scout was about to joyfully report on the successful discovery, when suddenly a detachment of snowmen attacked him. It turns out they inhabit the planet and are not going to let guests in. Help the character in the game Planet Of The Snowmen prototype repel the attacks of aggressive snow creatures, and clear the area for the arrival of the colonists.

Tanx rush

Have you ever wanted to take part in tank battles? Today in the online multiplayer game Tanx rush you can take part in them. At the beginning of the game, you will be transferred to the playing field on which various buildings are located. You will need to drive around the game location and look for enemy tanks. As soon as you find the enemy, make fire contact with him. Try to aim quickly and shoot to kill when exploding enemy tanks. Maneuver constantly and do not stand still, because they will also fire at you. Also collect various objects that will be scattered on the ground. They will give you new types of ammunition and other reinforcing bonuses.

War of Iron

An invasion of the armed forces of a neighboring state has begun in your country. It so happened that your military base was the first to be hit. You in the game War of Iron will command its defense. While the enemy troops are moving towards you, you will have time to build defenses in certain places. Each building will build play money. As soon as you place the defenses, the enemy troops will approach and the battle will begin. If you did everything strategically correctly, then your soldiers will be able to destroy the enemy. For this they will give you points and on them you will be able to upgrade your defensive buildings.