Category: Shooting

Sky Life Fighter Shooter

In the game Sky Life Fighter Shooter, you and I will take part in exciting air fights. Your character will serve in the air fleet of one of the armies as a fighter pilot. You will receive an order to intercept the enemy’s air armada, which moves across the front line towards a strategically important object. You soaring on your plane will go to them to intercept and attack the enemy. Your task is constantly maneuvering in the air to fire from all your guns. Thus you will shoot down enemy planes. Sometimes objects can fall out of them and you will need to collect them on the fly.

Stickman Shoot

A zombie epidemic has entered the world of stickmen. Peaceful stick men turned into evil voracious monsters, mutants appeared who could fly. Few were lucky enough to survive, the uninfected formed camps and put up security. Help the stickman in the game Stickman Shoot, he must withstand the unprecedented onslaught of his mutated brothers. His task is not to miss the attackers for the blue flag. The hero is armed with powerful automatic weapons, but it will become more effective if the character does not miss the falling boxes. In them a variety of ammunition is dropped from the air. Use special mines, they appear in the upper right corner.

Rooftop Bike Racer

The motorcycle will challenge gravity and will soar in the air, making long jumps. The race at the Rooftop Bike Racer runs along city rooftops and is different from anything you’ve seen or participated in. Your rivals are not trying to overtake you, they rush towards to bring down the rider. In order not to drop out at the beginning of the path, collect flying balls. Reds are the ability to shoot fire shells, blue is a reliable shield that protects against collisions. The acquired skills do not last long, basically you just have to dodge the collisions and change the flight altitude. Fly forward and earn points.

Bomb Defender

A warring army in space requires constant reinforcements and your ship was sent to escort six powerful bombs in the Bomb Defender game. They will change the course of the battle, and help your army defeat. The enemy will try to intercept the convoy and destroy the bombs. If you lose four ammunition, the mission will fail. Protect the cargo by maneuvering in a horizontal plane and firing from an enemy who is flying towards the packs. A lot of tests await the pilot, the enemy will throw all his strength into interception. You can choose any of the three difficulty levels, but everyone will require maximum concentration and will keep you energized.

War Of Soldiers 2

The military conflict between the West and the East has flared up with renewed vigor and you can join the military operations to help those who you like. If you are a soldier not by name, but in fact, you have the opportunity to show your fighting skills in a battle with players from all over the world in the game War Of Soldiers 2. We have a place to deploy: six different locations, nine types of weapons and two modes in the game. Excellent three-dimensional graphics will not slow down even on low-performance devices. Gain battle experience with points, become a legend for rivals and horror for enemies. Use the keyboard to control.

Night Runner 2

Today in the game Night Runner 2, we will be transported with you into a world that is filled with various monsters. They are constantly hunted by specially trained people. You will play for one of these hunters. Your character will run through locations and destroy monsters. On your way there will be various obstacles and traps. You need to jump all of them at speed. All items that you will see during the run should be collected by you. These items will give you various power-ups and bonuses. You must kill all the monsters you met from your weapons. For them you will receive points.