Category: Shooting

Hunter and Props

Imagine that you are in a world in which people are constantly fighting various monsters. Today in the game Hunter and Props you can take part in it and play for any side of the conflict. At the beginning of the game, you select a side and then find yourself inside a huge building. You have to go through its corridors and explore all the rooms in search of the enemy. On the road, carefully look around and collect various useful objects scattered everywhere. When an enemy is detected, try to aim faster and open fire on defeat. You can use various items to hide from enemy fire.

Fish War

The little red fish launched a real military campaign in the Fish War game, and all because it was planted in the aquarium with predatory fish. These toothy jaws constantly scurry around your character and striving to eat it. However, the fighting heroine is not from a timid dozen and in every way exerts total resistance to her offender. Want to see how this actually happens, rather connect to the battle. In the arsenal of the small fish there are only feathers, but you can find a machine gun in the pond, as well as other automatic weapons and cartridges for them. Aim the ward in the right direction to select deep-sea mines and attack attacking predators.

Phineas and Ferb: Backyard Defence

Phineas and Ferb live a carefree life in their cozy little house. But the trouble was attacked by hordes of various monsters that penetrate the houses and rob them. Our friends were not at a loss and in their workshop built an amazing weapon that could destroy hundreds of enemies. After that, they installed these guns on the roof of the house and began to wait for the appearance of enemies. You and I will help Phineas and Ferb: Backyard Defense help them keep their defenses at home. Before you on the screen the back yard of their house will be visible. Enemies will run through it. You need to wait until the weapon takes its charge and shoot at the enemy. So you will destroy them.

Armed Forces vs Gangs 2

Everything is clear and understandable in the war: the enemy is on the other side and must be destroyed. It is more difficult when peaceful life is undermined from the inside and various gang groups do it. In appearance – these are ordinary people, but they live according to their thieves’ laws, not obeying the generally accepted laws of society. They disrupt order and even kill innocent people, which is completely unacceptable. Recently, gangs have unbelted to such an extent that the authorities brought an army into the street. You are in Armed Forces vs Gangs 2 as part of the units that are supposed to cover and clean up the den of criminals. A tough confrontation awaits you, the enemy is insidious and dangerous, moving along desert corridors and passages, be on the alert, the enemy may appear unexpectedly and will not be alone.

Crazy Pixel Apocalypse

Take a look at the blocky world of Minecraft, here in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. In appearance, everything seems calm and peaceful, but after a little walk, you will find out what is really going on. Before in the game Crazy Pixel Apocalypse you need to choose which side you will fight: zambi or people. Then select the location from the existing ones or create your own with your own rules. Arm the character, even a zombie will not roam empty-handed. Gone are the days when monsters wielded only teeth and claws, their opponents are too serious. You can join the team, but if you are used to relying only on yourself, act alone.

Sky Of War

In the game Sky Of War, we will pilot the most modern fighter. Today we decided to test your plane in the first battle. You will board a plane and take off into the air and fly towards your opponents. Your task is to attack the convoy of bombers, which is covered by enemy fighters. You will have to get close to the enemy aircraft and taking them in the sight to open fire from your cannons. This way you will shoot them down. They will also fire at you. You are doing aerobatics and deftly maneuvering in the air will have to dodge their shells.