Category: Mini Flash

Sprite Fighter

Doubles of famous characters appeared in the game world: Ultraman, Mario, Luigi and even Bowser. They were called ghosts and declared war. It is necessary to expose and destroy copies so that they do not wreak havoc. Moreover, the twin may turn out to be similar in appearance, but completely opposite in character and intentions. In the game Sprite Fighter, you can deal with impostors, causing them to fights. Choose a hero and battle mode: easy, medium or difficult. In order to gain experience and master the control keys, go through the practical training mode, where you can infinitely hammer the enemy, using all the existing methods.

Smiley Cubes

Emoticons are not only yellow and round, the well-known Emoji have already proved this to you. In the game Smiley Cubes you will get acquainted with cubic jelly smiles. They have their own world where they lived happily and happily until recently. Recently it was discovered that in their colorful world there was too little space. It’s time to clear the area a little and distribute its inhabitants to other places. At the top of the screen you will see the tasks. They usually consist in finding and removing blocks of a certain color. For this, special conditions are set: restriction of moves, time, and so on. Delete groups of three or more identical cubes, actively use bonuses that appear on the field and those that can be purchased in the store.

The Big Brown Bear’s Adventures

Bears, despite their deceptive clumsiness, are great hunters, but our character in The Big Brown Bear’s Adventures is still small. From only learning to get their own food. Mom brought him to the shore of a fast river, where silver trout splashes. It is winter outside, it’s cold and the bear absolutely doesn’t want to get into the water, so he settled down on the shore and waits for the fish to jump out of the water herself. Help the furry predator deftly catch the jumping trout and throw it ashore. If the catch gets into the mother will be funny. In the upper left corner, the caught fish will turn into scored points. Hunting time is limited.

Descendants: Candy Shooter

Today we want to introduce you to the exciting game Descendants: Candy Shooter. In not with the heroes of the series Heirs, we will break the wall consisting of bubbles. They have a different color and shape. You will shoot a single bubble from a kind of gun. You just need to find exactly the same objects among the cluster and get into them. If you can put together three objects of the same color and shape, then they will disappear from the screen and you will be given points. So you will clean the playing field from all the bubbles that are on it.

Descendants: Help the Descendants

Today in Descendants: Help the Descendants, we will go to school. The heroes of the series Heirs go to it. Here they gain certain knowledge and develop their talents. We will be offered a choice of visiting several lessons. For example, we can test our knowledge in such a science as mathematics. We will be given certain mathematical equations. We will need to solve them and then choose the correct answer. In another lesson, we will be asked to put together a fascinating puzzle of existing elements. You just need to drag and drop this part of the picture to get a whole image from them.

Super Smash Flash 2

In the game Super Smash Flash 2 you have to take part in fascinating hand-to-hand combat between various characters of famous cartoons. At the beginning of the game, you can choose your hero and his opponent. Then you find yourself in the arena. Your task is to attack the enemy and strike him. Jump, run, hit and block the blows that will inflict on you. The main thing is to survive until the end of the fight and send your opponent to the knockout. Only then can you go to another level and fight the next opponent.