Category: Funny

The Big Brown Bear’s Adventures

Bears, despite their deceptive clumsiness, are great hunters, but our character in The Big Brown Bear’s Adventures is still small. From only learning to get their own food. Mom brought him to the shore of a fast river, where silver trout splashes. It is winter outside, it’s cold and the bear absolutely doesn’t want to get into the water, so he settled down on the shore and waits for the fish to jump out of the water herself. Help the furry predator deftly catch the jumping trout and throw it ashore. If the catch gets into the mother will be funny. In the upper left corner, the caught fish will turn into scored points. Hunting time is limited.

Sharp Knife Cut Underwear Online

Having cut a bunch of fruits, you are ready to try something new, meet the game Sharp Knife Cut Underwear Online. For cutting, we offer completely new objects – underwear. It is unusual and juicy when panties fly up. Pick up a small but very sharp knife and get down to business. Cut, chop, swiping the screen with the mouse or finger until only a bunch of shreds remain from the pretty little squirrel. It will not do without a catch, among the panties there will be bombs with hearts instead of eyes and your task is not to hurt them, otherwise the fun will end. But you can start again and score even more points, destroying an infinite amount of linen.

Another game from the IO genre, in which real players are waiting for you, ready to have fun with you. The essence of the game is to draw some figure (a person, a house, or whatever) on the playing field, and other players must guess what you are drawing and enter the answer in a special field. The faster you do it, the more points you can earn. You will also be given the opportunity to depict your figure, which other participants in this application will have to guess. You can enter a large number of answers, giving various assumptions as the player draws out what he intended.

Vaiana kokosnoten vangen

Life in the tropics is like paradise. Here, every day you bask in the sun and bathe in the warm waters of the ocean. When you feel hungry, you simply go to the nearest tree and pick up the juicy fruits that they ask for to be eaten. The protagonist of the game Vaiana kokosnoten vangen, the demigod Maui, also loves his home. Here, he is far from the problems of modern civilizations. Here, he can do his favorite thing, harvesting coconuts. Help him with this. Move Maui to the point where the coconut will fall, and he will catch him. Be careful, because in the trees there are savages who want to catch and eat Maui himself. Also, various bonuses will fall from the trees, which can restore the health reserve of our hero.

Tuna Tower Defense

After a recent explosion at the World Atomic Station, which energizes almost the entire world, strange things began to happen. Animals began to mutate. The worst has begun, what can happen, some animals realized that a person should not rule the world. Huge tuna attacked people and now only you can destroy them by building reliable defense towers.

Zoba Tower Defense

Evil zealots calling themselves the Zob clan have captured half the world. They found a secret technology that allowed them to turn into malicious red monsters. Now your country is threatened with capture, but you do not intend to sit and wait until they destroy everything that you love. Organize a reliable defense to destroy all the goiter that cross the border. Be very careful.