Category: Multiplayer

Dora Jungle Escape

Dora went on a trip and for the first time took with her a monkey in red boots. The girlfriends wanted to walk through the jungle, and a simple walk turned into a rescue mission. A hurricane and inhabitants darted through the bushes. Help travelers find all the animals and birds in order to return them to their native tree. Beware of carnivorous plants and acid lakes. Management: ASDW, arrows.

Knife Storm

Ninja invites you to the game Knife Storm to show their skills in knives: knives and swords. You don’t have to chop heads and do self-mutilation. You will practice exclusively on pieces of wood and fruit. The game has three modes: classic, shooting and ninja. Classic offers you to throw knives at the target in the form of a round piece of wood. You can make it spin or keep it stationary. The task is not to get into an already sticking knife and, if possible, not to miss apples. They will become a bargaining chip in a store where you can buy a new knife or sword. In shooting mode, you will throw swords at flying fruit fruits, and the ninja mode will send you into an exciting slicing of fruits.

Lava boy and blue girl

The fiery boy and the water girl decided to remind themselves of new adventures and we invite you to the game Lava boy and blue girl. A couple of heroes are going to conquer the platform world again and nothing can keep them. A girl overcomes water barriers, and a boy overcomes burning ones. Once they pass, a platform will appear that will allow another character to jump completely calmly and safely. The main condition for passing the level is to collect red crystals. Two players can participate in the game, but this is not rivalry, but joint actions.

2 Player Car Construction

In the game world, the apocalypse can occur at any time and you must be prepared for it. Go to the game 2 Player Car Construction, where two cars are already waiting for you: yellow and green. This means that you need to have a partner in the game, otherwise there is no point in its participation. One player controls the AD keys and is responsible for the green sedan, while the other will use the left / right arrows to work on the yellow car. The task is to maximize your car by alternately pressing the highlighted keys. The vertical scale under the machine must be filled faster than the opponent and then you win.

Initial Wave

A neon city where music always thunders and people just do what they have fun, waiting for you. Get behind the wheel of a super cool racing car and send a sweep through the city streets to meet the huge sunset sun. Before you take the car, you can work on its design: body painting, tuning and other chips can be used at the initial stage of tuning. And then on the road. You can play together in Initial Wave, then the screen will be divided in half and you can act in parallel with your opponent. Destruction is allowed in the city and there will be nothing for you.

4 In Row mania

Playing 4 In Row mania seems like a simple board game, but it is not at all. You need to play in Nepa together, but if you don’t have a partner at the moment, it will be replaced by the game itself and its bot. The task is to put in a row four chips of their color before the opponent. Our field has a classic size of 7×6, and red and yellow round chips participate in the game. The area is upright, and the chips fall from above in turn. Yours will be red if you play with a computer. In the case of a live opponent, you can choose your color.