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This game needs to be played together, therefore. that there is a competition between the blue and green ball: who will collect the most large old gold coins. They will appear one at a time in different places, whoever can reach them first will receive 10 points. If a red ball gets in the way, go around it, otherwise it will take ten points from you.

Fresh mint makeover

The miraculous power of mint is known throughout the world and many girls try to use it as often as possible to be always in good shape and freshness. Today Margaret needs to be in better shape than ever, since she will have a major deal in a few hours, and her bruises under her eyes do not allow her to look as good as she would like. It’s time to get to work and do the makeup.

Monster Pizza Halloween Pizza

Today at the Monster School the last bell and Claudia invited the girls to her light. She decided to treat them with her signature pizza, the recipe for which she got from her mother. Her recipe will give you great ideas! Just a few quick steps, and she will be ready, this delicious pizza for monsters to impress everyone around! Enjoy this game and have a nice day with the girls from the Monster School.

Cupid Warm

You cannot command the heart, as popular wisdom says. And even if a guy swears another love, if you really want to, you can ask for the help of supernatural powers. For example, the matchmaker of Cupid. Who is even better versed in love troubles, if not the one who creates them himself. Just do him mercy – dress the little one so that he doesn’t scare people in the park while he does his job.