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Santa Rocket Sledge

Santa does not have time to make presents, so he moved to the jet sleigh. On your way there were all the animals in the forest. They started throwing snowballs at you. If you fall under even one of them, then you lose. Your goal is to get to the house where the child lives, who is waiting for a gift. Also collect boxes on the way, they may contain some kind of pleasant surprise. Be careful not to break the sled.

Neptune Journey

In space, there are many worlds that live by their own specific laws. Today in the game Neptune Journey we will get with you into a very technically advanced world. In one of the laboratories, a new technology for creating artificial intelligence was invented. But a catastrophe occurred and the laboratory was automatically mothballed and the defense mechanisms were activated there. You were ordered to get into the control center and download research information. For reconnaissance, you will send your Neptune reconnaissance drone, which is fully automated and you will control it remotely. Each location that you will see is filled with various kinds of traps that you need to go through. Use all the capabilities of your drone to make it happen. Also along the way, collect various details that are scattered between portals that take you from level to level. For these details you will be given points and bonuses that will help you ease your dangerous path. The difficulty will increase with each level, so plan your moves carefully and move towards your goal.
The game Neptune Journey has a rather interesting storyline. Players starting to play it will be so immersed in its amazing atmosphere that they will spend many hours trying to get through to the end. Open the Neptune Journey on our website and try your hand at completing this intricate and challenging game.

Christmas Panda Run

Today we want to present you a new game Christmas Panda Run designed for touch devices. In it we will fall with you into a distant fairy-tale world inhabited by various fairy-tale creatures. The main character of our game is the cheerful and cheerful panda Teddy. He lives near a magical forest and on New Year’s Eve helps Santa Claus with packing gifts so that he can pack them all on time and then deliver them to their destination. But the evil sorcerer, learning about the help of our hero, decided to prevent him from getting into Santa Claus’s house on time. When our hero hit the road through the magical forest, various evil creatures and set traps were waiting for him there. Now he will have to go through all these dangers and we will help him with this. Some traps will be motionless, some will move, and trolls and goblins will attack you. In order not to fall under the blow of monsters and traps you need to run and jump. If you do not have time to jump, then our hero will die. Remember that our hero’s number of lives is limited, so be careful and help the panda get to Santa Claus’s house on time.
Christmas Panda Run has beautiful graphics, well-thought out and fascinating plot and cool music. All this will create an atmosphere that will immerse you in the exciting adventures of our brave hero. Open the Christmas Panda Run game on our website and enjoy the adventures of Tedi.

Frozen Memory Trainer

The far north is the harsh part of the world where eternal winter rules its ball. But even it is inhabited by a variety of fabulous creatures, as well as people who have long been accustomed to cold and snow. He lives here, they work and, of course, have fun. Today in the game Frozen Memory Trainer we will meet you with a company of friends who, one evening, get together to pass the winter evening playing an interesting and exciting puzzle game. We will take part in it. Its rules are pretty simple. Before you on the screen there will be cards on which the faces of our heroes are applied. But they will lie so that we would not see the images that are applied to them. Our task is to click on them to open images and find similar ones. As soon as paired pictures are opened you will be given points for this. Therefore, try to remember the location of the pictures for the successful completion of the task. Also remember that a certain time is allotted for the task at which you need to keep within to complete the level. We believe that you will successfully complete the tasks and you will succeed.
The Frozen Memory Trainer game is aimed at developing players’ attentiveness and logic. Everyone who will play it with pleasure will spend their time behind her. Open the Frozen Memory Trainer on our website and try to complete this fascinating puzzle.

Elsa’s Fashion World Tour

In the world there are many countries that have their own unique culture, customs and many other features. Even clothing carries an identity and distinction. Many of you probably dreamed of visiting different countries and looking at their sights and culture. Today in the game Elsa’s Fashion World Tour, along with our heroine Elsa, you will have such an opportunity. This young and attractive girl works in a modeling agency as a fashion model and today she begins a world tour in many countries of our world. In it, she will demonstrate on the catwalk various styles and types of clothes, and you will help her in this. To do this, upon arrival in a particular country, we will open a wardrobe with the name of the country and we will select clothes for the fashion show. First, of course, we will do our heroine’s hair styling and hairstyle. After, according to the style of this country, we will choose a dress for Elsa. Everything is already up to your taste and color – after all, the choice will be only yours, so choose what your heroine will suit your opinion the most. Do not be afraid to experiment with different colors and styles. Try to create something unique. As soon as you choose a dress, choose shoes for it. Then select the jewelry and complete the image you create with various accessories. Now our heroine is ready for a fashion show in a particular country.
The game Elsa’s Fashion World Tour is designed mainly for girls’ players. We are sure that starting to play it they will spend their time quite fascinatingly. Discover Elsa’s Fashion World Tour on our website and embark on a world tour with Elsa.

Pop Star Dentist 2

A large number of pop stars monitor their appearance, visiting cosmetologists, stylists and, of course, dentists. But some people in show business do not pay enough attention to their image and sometimes it leads to sad consequences, for example, in the game Pop Star Dentist 2, where 4 people with problems in your mouth will come to see you. Choose which of the patients will sit first in your chair and begin treatment. The scope of work is very large, so you need to have enough patience to cure all the teeth. All the tools will be in front of you and you can use them in any order. Taking one tool, you will immediately be shown a hint informing you of what problems can be fixed with its help. Begin manipulations to remove teeth, clean enamel, remove plaque or drill caries. Act until all the teeth are cured in the patient in the pop-star Dentist 2 game. After that, you can admire the result of your work and send the person home. And another patient, who also has big problems with teeth, will take a place in your chair. Start treating them using the same set of tools that will make it much easier for you to manage Pop Star Dentist 2 with more experience.