Category: Girls

Dotted Girl Brain Doctor

Lady Bug has been suffering from persistent headaches lately and therefore decided to go to the doctor. You in the game Dotted Girl Brain Doctor will be her doctor. First you will need to conduct an initial inspection of our heroine. For this you will use certain medical instruments. Once you are diagnosed, you will begin treatment. You will need to cut and shave the head of our heroine. Then you will need to open her skull to get rid of various microbes and harmful objects. As soon as you can tell you will brainwash her, you will have to follow her instructions to sew her skull.

Fashion Selfie Addiction

Lady Bug also succumbed to the modern fashion of taking selfies in a variety of places and uploading her photos to social networks. We will help her take morning photos in Fashion Selfie Addiction. Since she fought crime at night, the phone turned out to be terribly dirty. The first thing you will need to clean it up. For this you will need to use certain items. Dry the phone and wipe it with a towel. Then, using a special control panel, pick her a cool beautiful outfit and take photos.

Ellie Vaccines Injection

In one small town, an influenza epidemic has begun and almost all people come to the hospital to be vaccinated. You in the game Ellie Vaccines Injection will work as a doctor in such a clinic. A young girl, Ellie, will come to your appointment. You will need to listen to her heartbeat, measure the temperature and give a special drug in tablets. After that, you can take a syringe and inject the vaccine. But for this, treat the skin area with a special solution and only then inject the injection. Then attach a cotton swab and stop the blood. When it stops flowing you can stick a band-aid and let the girl go home.

Disney College Halloween Ball

In the famous college where all Disney characters study, tomorrow will be Halloween Day. We at Disney College Halloween Ball will help the party character team prepare college rooms for this. You will see a special panel on which icons will be displayed that change various decor options. With it, you can change everything – from curtains, furniture and flooring. Thus, you will decorate all rooms.

Fast Coins

Everyone dreams of making fast and a lot of money, and we provide a dream come true in the game Fast Coins. The hero is a nice little man who will become your tool for replenishing the budget. You only need dexterity and dexterity to increase capital. A knife is in the character’s right hand, and various edible fruits will appear in the left hand: vegetables or fruits. A red circle of the sight will appear on the screen, point it at a moving object and try to cut it with a knife. For this you will receive a small reward, which will increase as your hits are well aimed. When you miss, you have to sacrifice two coins to resume making money.

Wedding Shop 2

Your first experience with opening a store for brides was successful, and you decided to open a second salon in another area of ​​the city. The popularity of the previous institution spread to the new one, so buyers gladly rushed to the store. Brides have already learned about the appearance of the salon and soon wait for them to visit. Get ready to serve customers in Wedding Shop 2 and remember that girls are moody and unpredictable. They are busy with the chores of the upcoming wedding and for an hour do not know what they want. Give every girl maximum attention and do not forget to complete the task before the end of the working day. Spend the earned money wisely, buying useful improvements for the store that allow you to work more efficiently.