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Armed Forces vs Gangs 2

Everything is clear and understandable in the war: the enemy is on the other side and must be destroyed. It is more difficult when peaceful life is undermined from the inside and various gang groups do it. In appearance – these are ordinary people, but they live according to their thieves’ laws, not obeying the generally accepted laws of society. They disrupt order and even kill innocent people, which is completely unacceptable. Recently, gangs have unbelted to such an extent that the authorities brought an army into the street. You are in Armed Forces vs Gangs 2 as part of the units that are supposed to cover and clean up the den of criminals. A tough confrontation awaits you, the enemy is insidious and dangerous, moving along desert corridors and passages, be on the alert, the enemy may appear unexpectedly and will not be alone.

Crazy Pixel Apocalypse

Take a look at the blocky world of Minecraft, here in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. In appearance, everything seems calm and peaceful, but after a little walk, you will find out what is really going on. Before in the game Crazy Pixel Apocalypse you need to choose which side you will fight: zambi or people. Then select the location from the existing ones or create your own with your own rules. Arm the character, even a zombie will not roam empty-handed. Gone are the days when monsters wielded only teeth and claws, their opponents are too serious. You can join the team, but if you are used to relying only on yourself, act alone.

Ruine Tower

In the zone of visibility from the tower of the fortress wall an incomprehensible structure arose, similar to the tower. The king became worried and wanted to know more about her. It is important that the construction that has arisen does not become a source of threat to its subjects. The best knight was sent to scout, and you will help him in the game Ruine Tower. Upon arrival at the place, the hero discovered a tall tower, the top of which is hiding in the clouds. You need to find out what is hiding at the very top and the knight began the destruction of the building from below, breaking wooden blocks. It was not easy, the tower prepared unpleasant surprises in the form of sharp spikes. Move the character left and right to avoid encounters with danger. Collect bonuses and coins, on them in the store you can buy improvements.

Games in the style of Agario continue to storm the Internet, we present you the game The key to victory for your round character is the right strategy and tactics. Collect small multi-colored peas, this will contribute to the growth of the cell, but at the same time it will become less mobile. You can divide it into small circles to speed up the collection process. Absorb smaller rivals, if you see a large green cage with spikes, think about it. It will quickly add mass, but will tear the hero apart, and small balls can quickly burst opponents snooping around. In any case, you need to grow the largest cage to win.

About those who lead a gray monotonous life and do not reveal special talents, they say that they do not grab stars from heaven. We suggest you not to remain a gray mouse, but to take everything from life. In our game you will get the opportunity to collect stars as much as dexterity and dexterity allow you. Tough competition is expected on the field, you need to act decisively and aggressively if you want to break into the front ranks of the TOP. Give the character a name and send him to a star hunt. Choose the appropriate tactics for scoring, and there may be only two. You can simply collect stars or get involved in fights, trying to bump into the enemy and trample him.

Not so Ultimate Boss Battles

Many of us go to work. Many of us have bosses there who constantly scream and shake our nerves in every way. Very often we have a desire to fight with our boss. Today in the game Not so Ultimate Boss Battles you will have such an opportunity. Sponge Bob just like we went to work and everyone got him there. But today his patience snapped, and he decided to teach them all a lesson. We will help him with this. We will need to choose our opponent at the beginning of the game. Then, being in the arena, we will beat them with various objects until we defeat them. They will try to beat you back and you will have to put blocks or jump from the blows.