Category: Boy

Animalon Epic Monster Battle

In the anime world of Animalon Epic Monster Battle, a real revolution takes place, animated girls want to take power over their guys. Real men do not give up and are trying in every way to resist the passion. The situation escalated to the point where both sides called into their small troops evil anime animals and staged a real battle. Stop the bloodshed immediately and prevent victory or defeat. Only the world can fix the situation. Speak for the team of boys and try to put the Amazons in their place. Press the buttons as soon as the fighting furies launch an attack on their rivals.

Robot Fighter Epic Battles

The inventors to protect the planet came up with fighting robots, which can easily be seen in the game Robot Fighter Epic Battles. However, you can still try them in real fights and the Wook fox will gladly join you in his campaign. This camelina fights against the forces of evil, which is a gray mouse. Both of them are sitting at the control of automatic machines and trying to inflict the greatest damage to the opponent. Wook’s business will go faster as soon as you begin to control the blue automaton. Press the red start button and watching the battery, make mechanical movements to destroy the enemy. After each contest, do not forget to refuel the batteries.


Krigimai is one of the famous wars in one of the ninja orders. Somehow, the head of the order gave him the task to penetrate the territory of one of the castles and steal secret documents from there. We will help him with this in the game Kirigami. Our hero will have to go along a certain route on which various dangers and traps await him. You will need to plan your actions so that your hero does not fall into more than one of them. You can get around some dangerous places, others will have to jump at speed. On the way you will see scattered weapons and other objects. You will need to pick up all these items, so that later they would significantly simplify your trip.

The Zombie Food Truck

A small van appeared in the quarter and smelled of freshly prepared hamburgers. The people reached for the open window and did not immediately notice that it was being served by a real zombie. But the burgers were so tasty that everyone decided not to notice the strange seller, although the residents periodically began to disappear. We invite you to the game The Zombie Food Truck, where you will help the zombies – the owner of the food truck to safely develop and expand their business. Cheat customers, if you see that the energy scale is empty, invite the selected customer to the pantry and quietly eat it, carefully removing the consequences. Earn coins and buy additional equipment.

Phineas and Ferb: Backyard Defence

Phineas and Ferb live a carefree life in their cozy little house. But the trouble was attacked by hordes of various monsters that penetrate the houses and rob them. Our friends were not at a loss and in their workshop built an amazing weapon that could destroy hundreds of enemies. After that, they installed these guns on the roof of the house and began to wait for the appearance of enemies. You and I will help Phineas and Ferb: Backyard Defense help them keep their defenses at home. Before you on the screen the back yard of their house will be visible. Enemies will run through it. You need to wait until the weapon takes its charge and shoot at the enemy. So you will destroy them.

Armored Humvee Jigsaw

Each army has a special military equipment. In addition to tanks, there are many cars that should simplify the lives of soldiers. Today in the game Armored Humvee Jigsaw, we will meet with you such a brand of military vehicles as Hammer. But in order to see the image of this machine, we will have to assemble an interesting puzzle with you. On the screen you will see a gray almost colorless image of the car. On the right will be the elements of this puzzle. You will need to take them one by one and drag them onto the playing field. So you gradually and restore a holistic image of a military vehicle.