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Super stickman golf

Stickman invites you to play golf in Super stickman golf, do not give up this opportunity. Driving a golfer, you will pass ten fields, throwing a ball into a hole. At first, the relief will seem simple to you, and the task is simple, but moving through the levels, you will feel how they gradually become more complicated. The terrain becomes hilly and getting a ball from one time is becoming increasingly difficult. Try to earn three gold stars and score maximum points. And this will happen only with a well-aimed hit and a minimum of shots. After each successful hit, a table of your indicators will appear in front of you.

Karate Fighte Real Battles

In martial arts, karate takes pride of place. The hero of the game Karate Fighte Real Battles owns it masterly. The fighter studied for a long time with the best masters, but did not assume that he would soon have to demonstrate his skills. After training, he went wandering, and when he returned, he saw a sad picture. The temple where his teacher lived was destroyed, and the local gang group Black Ninjas was captured by the guru. Our hero decided to rescue the Master, but for this he will have to fight a whole army of well-trained ninjas. Help the warrior, he can use any weapon, but it all depends on your knack of button control.

Fish War

The little red fish launched a real military campaign in the Fish War game, and all because it was planted in the aquarium with predatory fish. These toothy jaws constantly scurry around your character and striving to eat it. However, the fighting heroine is not from a timid dozen and in every way exerts total resistance to her offender. Want to see how this actually happens, rather connect to the battle. In the arsenal of the small fish there are only feathers, but you can find a machine gun in the pond, as well as other automatic weapons and cartridges for them. Aim the ward in the right direction to select deep-sea mines and attack attacking predators.

Army Of Soldiers Team Battle

The release of prisoners on a desert island under the supervision of thugs continues in the game Army Of Soldiers Team Battle. The past emancipation was not possible due to the betrayal of one of the soldiers who surrendered the position of his army. Now things are different and there are no more traitors in my team. The small army is so prepared that it is ready to immediately plant a burst of bullets in enemy foreheads. Join the military campaign to create a worthy attack on the adversaries. With each battle attempt, you will be awarded a certain number of coins that can be spent in the game store. Do not get lost and whenever possible constantly upgrade your army.

Stickman Army Team Battle

Little black men from the game Stickman Army Team Battle are constantly fighting against evil forces. And now Stickman and his invincible army are trying to confront the new enemy. Opponents had long heard about the fighting capabilities of the Stick armed forces and this time came more prepared than their predecessors. Well, it’s worth holding another duel with overwhelming haters and not giving them a single chance for a quick victory. Take on the role of commander and start the battle. Just tell your soldiers which direction you want to shoot and they headlong will fulfill any assignment of the brave commander in chief.


The pirate ship is about to set sail and the team hurries onto the ship in order to have time to load before it leaves. The captain climbed onto the bridge and vigilantly watches that not a single stranger gets into his frigate. He asks you to help him, on the eve of the pirate received information that spies from the royal guard will try to get into the ship. The king has long wanted to end piracy and conceived a cunning operation, the purpose of which is to undermine the pirate fraternity from the middle. Keep track of all passengers in OddOneOut and let only pirates pass. To prevent strangers from passing, click on the appropriate buttons on the left and right in the lower corners of the screen.