Category: Simulation

Color Tower

Construction is a noble cause, but in the virtual world it is often fraught with difficulties that players must overcome. In the game Color Tower, you have to build the highest tower in the entire space. Multi-colored jelly blocks will serve as building material. Drop them on each other, trying to do it as accurately as possible. The jelly base does not involve much gluing, so a slight shift does not threaten the collapse of the building, but you should not abuse it. Try to set maximum blocks, it depends on your dexterity.

Ruine Tower

In the zone of visibility from the tower of the fortress wall an incomprehensible structure arose, similar to the tower. The king became worried and wanted to know more about her. It is important that the construction that has arisen does not become a source of threat to its subjects. The best knight was sent to scout, and you will help him in the game Ruine Tower. Upon arrival at the place, the hero discovered a tall tower, the top of which is hiding in the clouds. You need to find out what is hiding at the very top and the knight began the destruction of the building from below, breaking wooden blocks. It was not easy, the tower prepared unpleasant surprises in the form of sharp spikes. Move the character left and right to avoid encounters with danger. Collect bonuses and coins, on them in the store you can buy improvements.

Sky Of War

In the game Sky Of War, we will pilot the most modern fighter. Today we decided to test your plane in the first battle. You will board a plane and take off into the air and fly towards your opponents. Your task is to attack the convoy of bombers, which is covered by enemy fighters. You will have to get close to the enemy aircraft and taking them in the sight to open fire from your cannons. This way you will shoot them down. They will also fire at you. You are doing aerobatics and deftly maneuvering in the air will have to dodge their shells.

Sky Life Fighter Shooter

In the game Sky Life Fighter Shooter, you and I will take part in exciting air fights. Your character will serve in the air fleet of one of the armies as a fighter pilot. You will receive an order to intercept the enemy’s air armada, which moves across the front line towards a strategically important object. You soaring on your plane will go to them to intercept and attack the enemy. Your task is constantly maneuvering in the air to fire from all your guns. Thus you will shoot down enemy planes. Sometimes objects can fall out of them and you will need to collect them on the fly.

Rooftop Bike Racer

The motorcycle will challenge gravity and will soar in the air, making long jumps. The race at the Rooftop Bike Racer runs along city rooftops and is different from anything you’ve seen or participated in. Your rivals are not trying to overtake you, they rush towards to bring down the rider. In order not to drop out at the beginning of the path, collect flying balls. Reds are the ability to shoot fire shells, blue is a reliable shield that protects against collisions. The acquired skills do not last long, basically you just have to dodge the collisions and change the flight altitude. Fly forward and earn points.


Colonists live at the lunar base and mining is done. Workers work around the moonlit day, but the main work is done by mountain robots. They break through the rock and deliver production to the surface. One of the robots broke down and work slowed down significantly. A request for a new sample was sent to the ground. For its delivery, additional transport is not required, the robot itself will be able to fly to the satellite, but you must also control it remotely. The device consists of a core and small mechanisms moving in orbit. Pass the robot through the asteroid belt to prevent damage to the core. Control the arrows.