Category: Fighting

Gangsta Wars

The rivalry of street gangs in the city has recently become especially strong. A new player has appeared on the market and that is you. It’s time to put things in order and calm the unbridled bandits in Gangsta Wars. Armed with a pistol and go to the streets, gangsters will find you yourself. Soon, several strong guys with heavy bits at the ready will come out. But what will they do against small arms. But you should be very quick and agile. Although the bad guys are not well armed, there are many. Do not let yourself be surrounded, shoot from afar and use buildings for shelters. Become the king of the streets.

Sprite Fighter

Doubles of famous characters appeared in the game world: Ultraman, Mario, Luigi and even Bowser. They were called ghosts and declared war. It is necessary to expose and destroy copies so that they do not wreak havoc. Moreover, the twin may turn out to be similar in appearance, but completely opposite in character and intentions. In the game Sprite Fighter, you can deal with impostors, causing them to fights. Choose a hero and battle mode: easy, medium or difficult. In order to gain experience and master the control keys, go through the practical training mode, where you can infinitely hammer the enemy, using all the existing methods.

Hunter and Props

Imagine that you are in a world in which people are constantly fighting various monsters. Today in the game Hunter and Props you can take part in it and play for any side of the conflict. At the beginning of the game, you select a side and then find yourself inside a huge building. You have to go through its corridors and explore all the rooms in search of the enemy. On the road, carefully look around and collect various useful objects scattered everywhere. When an enemy is detected, try to aim faster and open fire on defeat. You can use various items to hide from enemy fire.

Karate Fighte Real Battles

In martial arts, karate takes pride of place. The hero of the game Karate Fighte Real Battles owns it masterly. The fighter studied for a long time with the best masters, but did not assume that he would soon have to demonstrate his skills. After training, he went wandering, and when he returned, he saw a sad picture. The temple where his teacher lived was destroyed, and the local gang group Black Ninjas was captured by the guru. Our hero decided to rescue the Master, but for this he will have to fight a whole army of well-trained ninjas. Help the warrior, he can use any weapon, but it all depends on your knack of button control.

Army Of Soldiers Team Battle

The release of prisoners on a desert island under the supervision of thugs continues in the game Army Of Soldiers Team Battle. The past emancipation was not possible due to the betrayal of one of the soldiers who surrendered the position of his army. Now things are different and there are no more traitors in my team. The small army is so prepared that it is ready to immediately plant a burst of bullets in enemy foreheads. Join the military campaign to create a worthy attack on the adversaries. With each battle attempt, you will be awarded a certain number of coins that can be spent in the game store. Do not get lost and whenever possible constantly upgrade your army.

Stickman Army Team Battle

Little black men from the game Stickman Army Team Battle are constantly fighting against evil forces. And now Stickman and his invincible army are trying to confront the new enemy. Opponents had long heard about the fighting capabilities of the Stick armed forces and this time came more prepared than their predecessors. Well, it’s worth holding another duel with overwhelming haters and not giving them a single chance for a quick victory. Take on the role of commander and start the battle. Just tell your soldiers which direction you want to shoot and they headlong will fulfill any assignment of the brave commander in chief.