Category: Cartoon

Rick and Morty

Meet funny characters: the grumpy old scientist Rick and his thirteen-year-old grandson Morty. In the game Rick and Morty you will find heroes in the laboratory. Rick will immediately begin to get nervous and ask you not to touch anything, but the boy is unlikely to obey him, like you. Click on different objects and enjoy what you see. It is interesting to explore everything that catches your eye. When tired, follow on, you have to dress up the heroes using the provided wardrobes with a variety of clothes and accessories. Click on the hero and choose whatever you like.

Make & Race In The Great Paper Chase

Bugs Bunny, Pink Panther, Tom and Jerry want to race, but no one has a car. You can help the cartoon characters in Make & Race In The Great Paper Chase. To do this, you are provided with colored pencils, paints, colorful shreds and unusual decorations in the form of pasta of various shapes. Choose a sketch and it may be optionally a car, you can decorate a basket with a balloon, an alien spaceship, a truck and a luxury convertible. Use imagination and available materials to create a cute vehicle. Then cut with magic scissors. Oh yes, do not forget to choose a rider and go to the track to win. The game can be played together.

The Bagel and Becky show Bizarro Hills

Kitty Becky and Bagel the dog do everything together, they are inseparable friends. In The Bagel and Becky show Bizarro Hills, you can join buddies who have gone to the hills of Bizarro. This area is famous for its paranormal phenomena, two dimensions converge here and the characters simultaneously move in a mirror image. Heroes are waiting for an amazing adventure and you should not miss it, for one and help your pets run through the hills without loss. Your task is to click on the heroes so that they jump over obstacles and it is necessary to monitor both at the same time. Running through the portals, the runners will switch places.

The Bagel and Becky show pancake panic

Meet the energetic puppy Bagel and the smart and cautious Becky cat. They live in a friendly family and have equal rights with children. Every morning for breakfast, mom bakes delicious pancakes with various fillings for pets. There is a large automatic cupcake machine in the kitchen, but today it suddenly broke. The cat and dog may be left without refreshments, but there is a way out and you will find it in the game The Bagel and Becky show pancake panic. Heroes themselves must make the device work by standing on two treadmills left and right. So that the forces do not leave the characters, treat them with pancakes, giving out what they want. Regulate the distribution and avoid pancake overflow.

Omnitrix Attack

Boy Ben accidentally found an alien device Omnitrix and became the protector of the planet and earthlings. The device looks like a watch, but ten sets of DNA of different galactic races are hidden in it. It is enough to press a button and open the core of the omnitrix, and its owner takes the form of a chosen alien with his abilities and skills. Reincarnation can take a long time to complete the task. In Omnitrix Attack, Ben has to reincarnate periodically throughout the entire period of movement. The hero must destroy the evil aliens, constantly moving and constantly shooting. At the same time, do not forget to collect round gadgets.

Vaiana kokosnoten vangen

Life in the tropics is like paradise. Here, every day you bask in the sun and bathe in the warm waters of the ocean. When you feel hungry, you simply go to the nearest tree and pick up the juicy fruits that they ask for to be eaten. The protagonist of the game Vaiana kokosnoten vangen, the demigod Maui, also loves his home. Here, he is far from the problems of modern civilizations. Here, he can do his favorite thing, harvesting coconuts. Help him with this. Move Maui to the point where the coconut will fall, and he will catch him. Be careful, because in the trees there are savages who want to catch and eat Maui himself. Also, various bonuses will fall from the trees, which can restore the health reserve of our hero.