Category: Adventure

Omnitrix Attack

Boy Ben accidentally found an alien device Omnitrix and became the protector of the planet and earthlings. The device looks like a watch, but ten sets of DNA of different galactic races are hidden in it. It is enough to press a button and open the core of the omnitrix, and its owner takes the form of a chosen alien with his abilities and skills. Reincarnation can take a long time to complete the task. In Omnitrix Attack, Ben has to reincarnate periodically throughout the entire period of movement. The hero must destroy the evil aliens, constantly moving and constantly shooting. At the same time, do not forget to collect round gadgets.

Over the Garden Wall Dark Maze

Greg and Wirth decided to explore the mysterious garden located on the outskirts of the city. Having gathered in the afternoon, they went to roam about it, but when evening came, they realized that they were lost. Now they have to go through the maze of paths and find the way home. We will help them with this in the game Over the Garden Wall Dark Maze. Before us on the screen will be visible to the garden. Our heroes are at the beginning of the path. Somewhere in the garden there is a pointer approaching which we will move to another level. To reach him we need to restore the path, so that our heroes can walk along it. To do this, click on the element you need and swap them. Also try to collect various sweets and other items. They will give you bonuses.

Pirates Slay

Pirates are dangerous guys and it is better not to meet them on a narrow path, but in the Pirates Slay game you will meet something more terrible – these are zombie pirates. Our hero went in search of pirate treasures and found them, but did not take into account the greed of the sea robbers. Even after death, they do not want to part with the loot and are anxiously guarding the chests of gold in the form of stinky semi rotting dead. The brave man is armed with a sharp sword, but it may not be enough, because zombies like to attack in droves, like pirates. The bandits have not written the law, they do not know what honor and conscience are, and they can come from the rear. Use bombs and lightnings to stack packs of monsters. Do not forget to collect coins, in vain or something they risked their lives.

Go Go Potato!

Today’s game Go Go Potato! we will enter with you into the world where reasonable vegetables and fruits live. Our main character, Potato Bob, went to a neighboring village to visit his brother. He will need to go through forest paths on which various dangers await him. These can be various obstacles, dips in the earth, as well as creatures that prey on potatoes. By controlling the character you will need to overcome all these dangers and help him get to the final point in integrity and security. On the way you will come across various objects that can strengthen your hero or restore his life. Of course, collect them

Tomb Explorer

You are a treasure hunter, and they are often hidden in old abandoned cemeteries in the family crypts. Now you are in a similar place and it has become a trap. As soon as you went outside the gate, they slammed shut to get out of the gloomy maze, open all the tombs. It is necessary to go around each, but beware, an unquenched spirit or a poisonous snake may get out of the crypt.

Neptune Journey

In space, there are many worlds that live by their own specific laws. Today in the game Neptune Journey we will get with you into a very technically advanced world. In one of the laboratories, a new technology for creating artificial intelligence was invented. But a catastrophe occurred and the laboratory was automatically mothballed and the defense mechanisms were activated there. You were ordered to get into the control center and download research information. For reconnaissance, you will send your Neptune reconnaissance drone, which is fully automated and you will control it remotely. Each location that you will see is filled with various kinds of traps that you need to go through. Use all the capabilities of your drone to make it happen. Also along the way, collect various details that are scattered between portals that take you from level to level. For these details you will be given points and bonuses that will help you ease your dangerous path. The difficulty will increase with each level, so plan your moves carefully and move towards your goal.
The game Neptune Journey has a rather interesting storyline. Players starting to play it will be so immersed in its amazing atmosphere that they will spend many hours trying to get through to the end. Open the Neptune Journey on our website and try your hand at completing this intricate and challenging game.