Category: Adventure

Reaper of the Undead

A small town in America was attacked by unknown hordes of zombies. You in the game Reaper of the Undead will play as a soldier of special forces, who were ordered to enter the city and destroy all the monsters. Our hero armed with various weapons will begin his journey through the dangerous streets of the city. Of course, hordes of monsters will attack him. Your task is to deftly avoid collisions with them and to shoot at zombies. Items will drop out of them. This can be ammunition, various weapons and first-aid kits to restore the standard of living. You will need to collect these items.

Donkey Dillemma

Donkeys are known to be very stubborn and very difficult to train. In the game Donkey Dillemma you will get to know a donkey who differs little from his relatives, and maybe even surpasses them in a stubborn disposition. He needs to get to a certain place, but the animal will only move along the stone path, the donkey is afraid to soak the hooves in the morning dew. Move the tiles in the meadow according to the principle of a tag and form a convenient path. Hurry up, the animal is not going to wait indefinitely, it will soon go on the road and, if you do not have time to pave the way, the level will be failed.

Scooby-Doo! Sneaky Crew

Scooby-Doo has a new Scooby-Doo quest! Sneaky Crew, but it will require full dedication from the hero and courage. The dog does not like dark places, ghosts and all evil spirits can be found there, and the hero is most afraid of them. He has to get into the carefully guarded dimly lit labyrinth. Scooby doesn’t want to go there, but you can lure the dog if you offer his favorite cookies. Put the treat in the place where the character should get and draw a line so that the detective does not go astray. Keep an eye on the guards and don’t catch their eye. If you pick up a special box, the protection will temporarily fail. Collect leaflets with questions, after finding all, the exit from the maze will open.

Planet Of The Snowmen prototype

Mankind has treated its planet badly and the time has come when it was required to look for a replacement for it. Spaceships flew in all directions of the galaxy to find a habitable planet. The endless universe turned out to be poor in decent places of residence, but our hero was lucky, he immediately found a suitable place of residence for earthlings. The climate on it is a little colder than on Earth, but quite acceptable. The scout was about to joyfully report on the successful discovery, when suddenly a detachment of snowmen attacked him. It turns out they inhabit the planet and are not going to let guests in. Help the character in the game Planet Of The Snowmen prototype repel the attacks of aggressive snow creatures, and clear the area for the arrival of the colonists.

Bunny Brawl

In the new online game Bunny Brawl, we will enter the world of rabbits with you and will play for one of them. In this world, all representatives of this race are constantly at odds with each other, so you will need to try to make your hero stronger. To do this, traveling around the location you will need to collect various food products. Absorbing them your hero will grow in size. There is also food that can give you certain bonuses. If you meet another player, try to deftly attack him. In order to kill him you need to beat him with your paws. You will also be beaten in response, so constantly maneuver and dodge strikes.

Cats vs

In the game Cats vs, we will go with you to the world where cats and dogs live. There is a constant confrontation between these two races and you will have to take part in it. At the beginning of the game you will choose the side for which you will play. After that, you will appear on the playing field and you will need to develop your character making him stronger. Guided by the radar, collect food and other items. As soon as you meet cats attack them. You will strike at them with their paws and destroy them. You will also be attacked, so dodge or block the blows of cats. The one who killed more enemies and was able to develop his character better than other players wins the game.