Category: Adventure

Descendants 2: Mal vs Uma

In the game Descendants 2: Mal vs Uma, we will have exciting adventures with you along with the heroes of the series Heirs. At the beginning of the game you will choose the character for which you will play. Then you will find yourself on a pirate ship. You will need to run along his deck collecting various objects. Look carefully at the screen. Run and jump, try to collect all the objects and do not fall into traps. Opponents may arise in your way that can hit you with a sword or shoot your hero with a bow. You need to deftly dodge blows and use your sword to kill enemies. Look carefully at the standard of living and make up for it in time.

Gravity Displacement

In the game Gravity Displacement, you and I will help the cube run along a specific route. Our hero has the ability to overcome gravity, and you will use it in his race. Before us will be visible the path running both from below and from above. Dips will be located on it, hitting which our hero will die. Therefore, when he sees that he is approaching such a dangerous place, you just need to click on the screen with the mouse. Our cube will immediately change its location on the road and run on. So you will overcome all dangerous sections of the road.

Super Smash Flash 2

In the game Super Smash Flash 2 you have to take part in fascinating hand-to-hand combat between various characters of famous cartoons. At the beginning of the game, you can choose your hero and his opponent. Then you find yourself in the arena. Your task is to attack the enemy and strike him. Jump, run, hit and block the blows that will inflict on you. The main thing is to survive until the end of the fight and send your opponent to the knockout. Only then can you go to another level and fight the next opponent.

Resume Run

Finding a good job is not easy, and in this sense, the virtual world is not much different from the real one. In the game Resume Run, you will help the hero in search of a better place. To do this, he must deliver a piece of paper with his resume to the secretary of the necessary boss. Jump on the floors, collecting steaming coffee cups, so that you have the strength to overcome distances. The character to be reached is marked with a black arrow. After giving him a resume, return to the car for the next piece of paper. It’s better to send them to several places to increase the chances of getting a job. Beware of competitors, especially those with more points than yours.

War Of Soldiers 2

The military conflict between the West and the East has flared up with renewed vigor and you can join the military operations to help those who you like. If you are a soldier not by name, but in fact, you have the opportunity to show your fighting skills in a battle with players from all over the world in the game War Of Soldiers 2. We have a place to deploy: six different locations, nine types of weapons and two modes in the game. Excellent three-dimensional graphics will not slow down even on low-performance devices. Gain battle experience with points, become a legend for rivals and horror for enemies. Use the keyboard to control.

Night Runner 2

Today in the game Night Runner 2, we will be transported with you into a world that is filled with various monsters. They are constantly hunted by specially trained people. You will play for one of these hunters. Your character will run through locations and destroy monsters. On your way there will be various obstacles and traps. You need to jump all of them at speed. All items that you will see during the run should be collected by you. These items will give you various power-ups and bonuses. You must kill all the monsters you met from your weapons. For them you will receive points.