Category: Skill


Today in the Pharaonik game we will meet you with an amazing creature somewhat reminiscent of an octopus. Our character accidentally wandered into the building and got lost. Now our hero needs to make his way to freedom and find a way out. But the trouble is it will be associated with certain dangers. Spherical monsters will jump along the corridors and if you touch them, your hero will die immediately and you will need to start the passage from the beginning. So try to gain speed and jump over this creature. With each new level there will be more of them, so be extremely careful.

Vampirina Jumping

Today in the game Vampirina Jumping we will meet you with the young vampire Vampirina. Our heroine today decided to work out her skills in high jump. We will see on the screen our heroine standing on the ground. Clouds will soar above it. Our heroine will have to make jumps starting from them. You will have to direct its actions using the control keys. Remember that the clouds give her the opportunity to jump further and if you can not get on them, then our heroine will fall and break. In this case, you lose the round and you have to start all over again.

Kody Kapow Training Day

Today in the game Kody Kapow Training Day we will meet with you again our beloved hero boy Cody Capow. He goes to the school of martial arts and today we will also attend these classes. Our hero has to go through several trainings that will hone his attention, dexterity and balance. For example, we will need to go down the sleigh along the road. Our hero must deftly manage the sleigh and smoothly enter the turns. In another workout, you have to use the chopsticks to catch flies. On the third, you will have to in the pictures that appear before you find the colors you need. Remember that the success of each workout depends only on your reaction speed and attentiveness.

Ranger Rail Road

Ranger Rob works in the reserve and conducts excursions for visitors. For this, a railway was built and while driving on it, visitors can observe the life of animals in the open. Quite often, visitors take photos of animals. Today, in the game Ranger Rail Road, we will do this too. Outside the window, various types of nature and animals will swim, which will walk in the open. You will need to point the lens of your camera at them and take pictures. A panel with icons will be visible at the top. It shows how many pictures you will need to take. To go to another level you will need to do all of them.

Reef Rumble

Sponge Bob and his friends decided to arrange a hand-to-hand fighting championship between themselves. Each of them for a month preparing for this competition, gaining skill and inventing their own tricks. Today in the game Reef Rumble you will have a unique opportunity to take part in this competition and play for one of the fighters. At the beginning of the game you will choose a character for yourself, and an opponent against whom you will fight. After that, you will be on the battlefield and the fight will begin. You must run, jump and beat your opponent as hard as possible. You will win as soon as the opponent sets the standard of living.

X-Men vs Street Fighter

What happens if X-Men and street fighters collide in hand-to-hand combat? Of course there will be a good fight. Today in the game X-Men vs Street Fighter, we invite you to play in such a competition. At the beginning of the game you will choose a fighter from the options offered to you. Remember that each of them has its own characteristics and super abilities. Then you will appear in the arena for battle. At the signal, a duel will begin. Attack your opponent. Hit him with your arms and legs. When you are beaten in response, dodge or block blows. If your fighter has super powers, use them correctly. The one who remains on his feet and was able to knock out his opponent wins in a fight