Category: Skill

Sun Stacker

In the game Sun Stacker, you and I will go to a world where various funny fruits live. Today is a sunny day in their country and they decided to spend their time outdoors playing a rather interesting game. Our heroes decided to build a living tower. Before us on the screen a dashed line will be visible. Above it will appear individually fruit that run around the screen. You need to guess the moment to click on the screen and our character will fall down. The next fruit appears above it. You need to make sure that it falls exactly on the previous one. Thus you will build a tower. Once you cross the dashed line, you will go to the next level.

Gravity Displacement

In the game Gravity Displacement, you and I will help the cube run along a specific route. Our hero has the ability to overcome gravity, and you will use it in his race. Before us will be visible the path running both from below and from above. Dips will be located on it, hitting which our hero will die. Therefore, when he sees that he is approaching such a dangerous place, you just need to click on the screen with the mouse. Our cube will immediately change its location on the road and run on. So you will overcome all dangerous sections of the road.

Night Runner 2

Today in the game Night Runner 2, we will be transported with you into a world that is filled with various monsters. They are constantly hunted by specially trained people. You will play for one of these hunters. Your character will run through locations and destroy monsters. On your way there will be various obstacles and traps. You need to jump all of them at speed. All items that you will see during the run should be collected by you. These items will give you various power-ups and bonuses. You must kill all the monsters you met from your weapons. For them you will receive points.


Colonists live at the lunar base and mining is done. Workers work around the moonlit day, but the main work is done by mountain robots. They break through the rock and deliver production to the surface. One of the robots broke down and work slowed down significantly. A request for a new sample was sent to the ground. For its delivery, additional transport is not required, the robot itself will be able to fly to the satellite, but you must also control it remotely. The device consists of a core and small mechanisms moving in orbit. Pass the robot through the asteroid belt to prevent damage to the core. Control the arrows.

Bunny Brawl

In the new online game Bunny Brawl, we will enter the world of rabbits with you and will play for one of them. In this world, all representatives of this race are constantly at odds with each other, so you will need to try to make your hero stronger. To do this, traveling around the location you will need to collect various food products. Absorbing them your hero will grow in size. There is also food that can give you certain bonuses. If you meet another player, try to deftly attack him. In order to kill him you need to beat him with your paws. You will also be beaten in response, so constantly maneuver and dodge strikes.

Cats vs

In the game Cats vs, we will go with you to the world where cats and dogs live. There is a constant confrontation between these two races and you will have to take part in it. At the beginning of the game you will choose the side for which you will play. After that, you will appear on the playing field and you will need to develop your character making him stronger. Guided by the radar, collect food and other items. As soon as you meet cats attack them. You will strike at them with their paws and destroy them. You will also be attacked, so dodge or block the blows of cats. The one who killed more enemies and was able to develop his character better than other players wins the game.