Category: Skill

Don’t Drop The White Ball

In the game Don’t Drop The White Ball, you will become the guardian of the white ball and its protector. The ability of the hero to get into unpleasant and sometimes fatal situations is simply phenomenal. The kid and strives to fall to the bottom, but you will not let him make such a mistake. Substitute platforms that fit your arm. This will require agility and quick reaction, and you will fully demonstrate them. Collect a record number of points, challenge your friends to a duel and fight with them when you are sure that you can win, and for now, train until you get bored.

Color Tower

Construction is a noble cause, but in the virtual world it is often fraught with difficulties that players must overcome. In the game Color Tower, you have to build the highest tower in the entire space. Multi-colored jelly blocks will serve as building material. Drop them on each other, trying to do it as accurately as possible. The jelly base does not involve much gluing, so a slight shift does not threaten the collapse of the building, but you should not abuse it. Try to set maximum blocks, it depends on your dexterity.

Ruine Tower

In the zone of visibility from the tower of the fortress wall an incomprehensible structure arose, similar to the tower. The king became worried and wanted to know more about her. It is important that the construction that has arisen does not become a source of threat to its subjects. The best knight was sent to scout, and you will help him in the game Ruine Tower. Upon arrival at the place, the hero discovered a tall tower, the top of which is hiding in the clouds. You need to find out what is hiding at the very top and the knight began the destruction of the building from below, breaking wooden blocks. It was not easy, the tower prepared unpleasant surprises in the form of sharp spikes. Move the character left and right to avoid encounters with danger. Collect bonuses and coins, on them in the store you can buy improvements.

Wild Wolves Hunger Attack

A flock of wolves lives in a distant forest. They spend a lot of time hunting other animals or protect their territory from other schools. We will play in the game Wild Wolves Hunger Attack for one of their wolves, which is in this pack. Before you on the screen your character standing in a forest glade will be visible. On the left you will see a radar on which animals and your opponents will be displayed in the form of points of a certain color. We will have to run our wolf to run to the prey and attack it. Thus we will gain strength and grow in size. When your character becomes a certain size, you can fight against other wolves.

The Big Brown Bear’s Adventures

Bears, despite their deceptive clumsiness, are great hunters, but our character in The Big Brown Bear’s Adventures is still small. From only learning to get their own food. Mom brought him to the shore of a fast river, where silver trout splashes. It is winter outside, it’s cold and the bear absolutely doesn’t want to get into the water, so he settled down on the shore and waits for the fish to jump out of the water herself. Help the furry predator deftly catch the jumping trout and throw it ashore. If the catch gets into the mother will be funny. In the upper left corner, the caught fish will turn into scored points. Hunting time is limited.

Descendants 2: Mal vs Uma

In the game Descendants 2: Mal vs Uma, we will have exciting adventures with you along with the heroes of the series Heirs. At the beginning of the game you will choose the character for which you will play. Then you will find yourself on a pirate ship. You will need to run along his deck collecting various objects. Look carefully at the screen. Run and jump, try to collect all the objects and do not fall into traps. Opponents may arise in your way that can hit you with a sword or shoot your hero with a bow. You need to deftly dodge blows and use your sword to kill enemies. Look carefully at the standard of living and make up for it in time.