Category: Skill

Ben 10 cannonbolt crash

It’s no secret that the ten-year-old Ben protects and protects our planet from aliens. People often do not even notice their arrival and threats, because creatures can take or take various forms, including those familiar to human perception. In the game Ben 10 cannonbolt crash crash, the hero will face evil clowns. They look quite peaceful, but this is far from the case. Under the guise of cute characters, the aliens were going to, if not to capture the Earth, then greatly harm the earthlings. A mighty broad-shouldered alien nicknamed the Core will enter the battle with the clown army. Ben chose this image for a reason. The core can literally collapse into a powerful ball with which you will shoot down uninvited guests.

Impossible Ball Glow Twist

Today at Impossible Ball Glow Twist, we want to invite you to test your attentiveness and reaction. You have to go through a three-dimensional maze, which is located in space. It consists of various elements that just float in the air. The character with which you will play a simple ordinary ball. He must advance in these subjects and not fall into the abyss. Therefore, carefully look at the screen and use the control keys to jump from one object to another. Remember that the ball will increase the speed of its movement over time and you will need to quickly respond to the situation and perform your actions.

Dev Runner

In a small town an apocalypse set in: dangerous monsters descended to the surface of the Earth with the goal of enslaving the territory. A boy named Dev from the game Dev Runner, two months ago knew about the plans of vile animals and prepared a draft retreat. The guy decided to run to another state in order to prepare for the battle with the monsters. Weeks of training on the run give good results, especially if there is a navigator nearby who will anticipate the next obstacle on the way. Look only ahead and deftly move Deva through deep cliffs. Collecting items along the road will not be amiss, they help you run faster from the monster that is stuck in the back.

Karate Fighte Real Battles

In martial arts, karate takes pride of place. The hero of the game Karate Fighte Real Battles owns it masterly. The fighter studied for a long time with the best masters, but did not assume that he would soon have to demonstrate his skills. After training, he went wandering, and when he returned, he saw a sad picture. The temple where his teacher lived was destroyed, and the local gang group Black Ninjas was captured by the guru. Our hero decided to rescue the Master, but for this he will have to fight a whole army of well-trained ninjas. Help the warrior, he can use any weapon, but it all depends on your knack of button control.


The pirate ship is about to set sail and the team hurries onto the ship in order to have time to load before it leaves. The captain climbed onto the bridge and vigilantly watches that not a single stranger gets into his frigate. He asks you to help him, on the eve of the pirate received information that spies from the royal guard will try to get into the ship. The king has long wanted to end piracy and conceived a cunning operation, the purpose of which is to undermine the pirate fraternity from the middle. Keep track of all passengers in OddOneOut and let only pirates pass. To prevent strangers from passing, click on the appropriate buttons on the left and right in the lower corners of the screen.

Color Circle

Simple skill games most often become the most popular and sought after. The game Color Circle will appeal to everyone who likes to test their reaction and is quick to solve problems. To score points needed to set a record, you need to pass the ball through the rotating rings to a circle located inside. To get to the goal, pass the ball through the segment of the ring that matches its color, grab the precious crystals that appear next to the goal. The color of the ball is constantly changing, make sure that it does not collide with the wrong segment.